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The Story Behind the Name: BG PhoDOGraphy.

Hi everyone!

I have gotten many questions on, "Why is your business called BG PhoDOGraphy?" So, I have decided to dedicate my first ever blog to this question for a few reasons.

The most obvious, to understand the name. I named my business with the initials BG because my husband's last name is Bergendorff, and mine is Gentile. When we were dating and decided to get married, we discussed the whole topic of last names. I am very Italian and love my heritage. Plus, I worked hard for my degrees, my achievements like earning the title United States Marine, and they were all attached to my name: Niccola Gentile.

I suggested, as a joke, that we should just be called the BGs and everything can think we are the famous band, The BeeGees! *interest laughing emoji here* My husband laughed and brushed it off, but it did stick! Therefore, when people, or us ourselves, talk about our pack, the name BG comes up!

Our wedding 4 years ago!

Husband (yes, I call my husband, Husband lol) is my biggest supporter and best friend. If I need help with anything... he is there. In naming my business BG PhoDOGraphy, I was able to make him a huge part of it.

The second reason I am dedicating this first blog to the name is so that we can get to know each other. Naming a business can be very personal if you want it to be. The most critical factors in my life are my dogs and my husband. My family.

My Pack <3 Husband, Lucy, Ray, & Diego

I wanted a name that represented love, compassion, and gratitude. I am fortunate to be able to live my dream and have my full-time job be Pet Photography. For me, the BG stands for that. The phoDOGraphy part lets the world know that I only photograph animals. A fun play on words! Though I do think that it will cause some confusion, that is something I willing to deal with.

So in the words of the band, The Bee Gees:

"Smile an everlasting smile

A smile can bring you near to me."

Thank you for those of you who read the whole thing!

Thank you for even just taking the time to click the link!



Niccola Gentile Bergendorff

Owner & Photographer of BG PhoDOGraphy.

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