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Hi! My name is Niccola Gentile Bergendorff but you can just call me Nicci (pronounced Knee-ch-e, it’s Italian).

Normally, this is where one would go on about how they've always had a camera in their hand & always used them to take photos of dogs… All of which would be true, you can ask my Ma. She will tell you she stopped developing my film as a kid because it was all of my dog. Ha! 


BUT,  I'd rather talk to you about why I chose pet photography & how it will ease your mind when you decide to book with me. My first priority, now AND forever, is the dogs (or any other animal for that matter). I have been working with dogs my whole life & rescuing dogs for over 13 years on my own & with a rescue.


Currently, I work with a medical & behavioral needs rescue that I crossed paths with while working for the United States Marine Corps (I am a Veteran now). My main goal at the rescue is to help these dogs feel comfortable, relaxed, & allow them to finally be themselves. With that comes training, knowledge, determination, & most importantly... patience.


These traits make me successful when interacting with a dog(s) & I help them find their CONFIDENCE! This is something I take into my pet photography sessions. Even if you have the most scared dog – I PROMISE  you I will take the time to meet & get to know your furry loved one before we start the shoot. My whole goal is to capture the light & love that is your baby. To tell THEIR story. And I KNOW this can ONLY HAPPEN if I take the time to let your pet feel comfortable with me & this potentially new area we are in.

So, yes, they will get to sniff me, the camera, the flash, that new tree, & everything else before we dive into our shoot. No matter your dog’s personality quirks, we will get photographs that show who they truly are! This way you will have gorgeous wall art and albums to keep furever to tell their tail! (See what I did there!? haha)

I will always be about the dog’s safety AND happiness first. I want to help you capture & memorialize your best friend(s)! This way their legend can go one forever & show the world who they truly are!  Now that two of our four – yes you read that correctly, 4 rescue dogs!!! – are frosted faces, we cherish their photos from the earlier years AND of them now.  It’s so fun to be been able to heirloom their ever changing life stages & to have captured their goofy & unique personalities. 


My passion for dogs, rescue, & animals as a whole, is a drive that is seen throughout my life. The last step was making it my business – Thus, BG PhoDOGraphy was born. 


If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me! I would love to hear from you & all about your dog! 

I am excited to meet you & your best friend!

Woofs, Cold Noses, and Wagging Tails,

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